Health Insurance Quotes

The amount of coinsurance you must pay can help determine which insurance plan you pick. Our insurance brokers can make sure you minimize your out of pocket costs when shopping health insurance plans. Coinsurance is the percentage that you pay and the percentage the insurance company pays.


  • 80/20 – insurance company pays 80% and you pay 20%.
  • 70/30 – insurance company pays 70% you pay 30%.

With most plans, the coinsurance eventually becomes 100% coverage.It is important to find out the stop loss (when it becomes 100%). Reason being, one insurance company’s 70/30 plan may have a less out-of-pocket than another insurance company’s 80/20 plan.
Your deductible plus coinsurance equals the maximum out of pocket (your coverage becomes 100% thereafter). For more help comparing health insurance plans, email our insurance brokers at

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