Health Insurance Quotes

Our insurance brokers are well versed in dental insurance in as well as vision insurance. Be sure to come to us with any questions or concerns you have about purchasing a plan. We have experience and will put that to use in helping you find an affordable coverage option.

Dental plans covering preventative, basic, and major procedures are fairly standardized from company to company.

With the exception of most group dental plans through an employer, all individual dental plans have waiting periods for coverage for basic and major procedures.

Reason being, many people would wait to purchase dental insurance only when it’s needed, get the work done and cancel all in the same month.
No waiting period pays 100%
Initial & Periodic Exams (2 per year, per person)
Cleanings (2 per year, per person)
Fluoride Treatments
Space Maintainers

6 month waiting period pays 80%
Simple Extractions

12 month waiting period pays 50%
Oral Surgery
Crowns, Root Canals
Bridges, Dentures

Deductible – $50 – $100 per year
Maximum coverage per year, per person $1000 – $2000.

The numbers may vary from plan to plan, for example some plans may not have waiting periods for basic and major procedures and cover these procedures at a lower percentage the first year.

Dental Discount Insurance

Dental discount insurance technically is not insurance, since no benefits are paid by the insurance company. This is the reason there are no waiting periods. Monthly premiums average $8 per person and $15 for a family.

With dental discount insurance you gain access to the dental insurance company’s network repricing/discounts which may average 50% off dentists’ usual and customary fees.

A drawback with these policies is fewer dentists participate in them, compared to dental insurance plans. If you have a dentist who participates with dental discount insurance, more often than not this is the best bang for your buck.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is standardized and varies little from plan to plan, company to company.
Typically if the insurance is used, it pays for itself.



Eye exam $10 copay
Frames $25 copay
Lenses $25 copay
Contacts $25 copay